Light summer read


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Do you know, what it feels like for a girl?

Not wishing to endorse Hillary Clinton, as the Democratic party Presidential nominee, even though I will say a bunch of positive things about her in this post, I would like to address another, very important, issue that these elections made so visible: The glass ceiling that women who wish to rise to the highest public positions keep on hitting with their heads whenever they reach out for what rightfully belongs to them.

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Make it readable. Make it memorable.

I read 10-15 articles a day, at least. And there is only 1-2 on average that leave any impression on me. I must say that it is tragic that most of articles, be it blog articles or tech news, are so boring to read, because they follow a very simple structure, they are stuffed with keywords, phrases and long tail keywords, which makes the reading experience more of a scanning experience.

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Welcome to ErdoğanTime

Last night, as you could have already seen, since it was everywhere, an attempt of military coup, that turned out unsuccessful, happened in Turkey. Who is behind the coup? Did coup ever stand a chance? Is coup a solution for improving Turkish democracy, or, to be more precise, to bringing it closer to the idea […]

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