Yes, you too are a storyteller, so write a blog!

Throughout history storytelling has been such a powerful tool for reshaping human societies, and those stories and myths stayed stuck forever in our collective memory, in the memory of mankind. Remember Helen of Troy and Paris(I know, it really is hard not to imagine Paris as Orlando Bloom)? Remember the Epic of Gilgamesh? And have you ever heard of the Egils saga one of many powerful Icelandic sagas that shaped the character of the nation?

So why not make stories about businesses and brands a part of our collective history too? Everyone has a story to tell, every person and every business. Storytelling, leaving a written mark about thoughts and obstacles, victories and failures, is a building block in shaping one brand, whether it is car brand, beauty brand, fashion brand, software brand or a personal brand.

There are a few blogs that I follow, which, I think do a great job for the brands they represent, so I would mention some of them here:

  • Newscred has a great blog and they refer to it as Insights. Some time ago, I subscribed to their newsletter, which I get once a week, and I really love it. So many interesting things have I read there! And I just gave you a great idea: newsletter containing links to your blog articles! You can’t just base your newsletter on sales and implementing your push strategy. Newsletter is a great way to tell a story about your brand, give more to your leads and customers, and educate your audience so they would become your customer one day, or your evangelists. I think that Newscred is doing one of the best jobs in the SaaS industry when it comes to educating audience, being up to date with what’s happening in the industry, and making their brand name get stuck in your mind. P.S. They also have a great post on storytelling!
  • Moz! Well, let me tell you first how much I love their web design. But, also, i really like Moz blog. It is highly recommendable for all of you who are into SEO-for hobby or because you love it so much so you’ve decided to do it for living. Great great stuff you can find there!
  • Richard Branson’s blog, called simply Richard, is so cool and inspirational! I think every investor, VC or successful  entrepreneur should be writing a blog, because I am sure they have so much to say about challenges, struggles and what motivates them to keep on moving, and they already have a decent number of followers, so why not using that audience to make their personal brand even stronger? Also, I am sure that all of them have a valuable and authentic life lesson to share, which a lot of people around the world would appreciate!
  • You know Holstee right? They have this nice and inspirational blog called Mindful matter and they have contributors from around the world, which is a great way to engage with their audience. I already contacted them, because I was interested to see how that works, and got a very nice email from them. If you would like to be one of the contributors write an e-mail to  and ask her whatever questions you have. But, before that, read a few blog posts on Mindful matter and get inspired.

I have a few more blogs on my mind, but I hope that those I have already mentioned inspired you enough to start thinking about writing a blog for your company, or your personal brand. But, let me make a final push in that direction for today!

Most of businesses today have a webpage of some kind. Having a webpage for some businesses is a bit out of their budget, especially if they are a small business based on social media. But that shouldn’t be a problem, because there are plenty of options to get a free domain and a platform that you could develop your blog on. WordPress, for example is a great place for article/story based blogs, and you can take a free forever plan. Unfortunately, in the past few months WordPress has changed a few things when it comes to plans, and has left a very limited range of options in the free plan, but still, for somebody who has just begun, the free plan options, containing free domain with WordPress in it and great free themes, should be just enough. At the end, it’s not like it is going to matter if you have your unique domain without in it and 100$ theme, if your blog posts suck.

Apart from writing this particular blog, I (ghost)write a blog for one local, brand oriented, business here in Sarajevo, that I (ghost)co-founded with a friend, and I must say that is one of my favorite things to do. Also, I can see a real positive impact that the blog I write has on the business, brand awareness and followers/fans/leads/customers. People look for valuable content, and if you already have some followers, or Facebook fans, and let’s make an assumption that those people are there because you brand is close to their interests, well, why not expend a bit more on that and offer them something more, creating content and stories that really tackle their problems or inspire them in whatever way?

Imagine just how unbelievable capacity for creating stories we have: so we have to create them digging deep in our subconscious even when we sleep! We call those stories DREAMS!

Most of great friendships fail because people stop sharing things that happen to them on daily bases, their short stories, and their deepest thoughts. Most of people who have a crush on each other never end up being together, because under the pressure of all these anticipation and expectations they fail to tell engaging stories about themselves and their lives, and they are perceived as boring individuals, and as a result, the interest in them withers away.

I’m saying all of this, because building a relationship takes time and patience, in personal life and in business. It takes hours, days, months, and many words spoken both ways. The more you tell your story, and the more valuable message you send out to your audience is, the stronger and longer your relationship will be. And as it takes days, months and many words spoken to build a relationship, it also takes thinking at least twice before breaking it up, once it is already there! So aim for lasting relationships, not just data in your analytics reports!  And, on a less philosophical note, I think it’s about time you create a blog, like, now!

My following posts will deal in depth with blog writing style, ideas for topics on various industries/ business models and other stuff that you might find useful to make your blog shine bright like a diamond(Guess where this link is going)!


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