Make it readable. Make it memorable.

I hope you enjoyed Rihanna’s song. It is very catchy.

When thinking about what writing style you should apply when writing your blog, I would recommend any kind of style  as long as what you wrote is 1. readable and 2. memorable.

I read 10-15 articles a day, at least. And there is only 1-2 on average that leave any impression on me. I must say that it is tragic that most of articles, whether they’re blog articles or tech news, are so boring to read, because they follow  a very simple structure, they are stuffed with keywords, phrases and long tail keywords, which makes the reading experience more of a scanning experience. The reader feels like a crawler. I want to be fully engaged and immersed when I read something. I want to feel that I’m growing. And honestly, does anyone really remember all these information, bullets and updates they read? Not really.

If you’ve decided to write a blog for your small business, or develop your personal blog, I would suggest you:

  1. Be authentic. So, when you write  a blog, for a specific brand, I think you have a unique opportunity to speak in an authentic way. If you want to just get as more clicks as possible, sure, stuff your text with keywords, and make it so boring to read. If you want people to come back because there was this article they read and thought about it, and spoke to their friend about, then write with style, tell something valuable, share a valuable story, and always make a promise of something even better coming. Just think of how Scheherazade did it in 1001 nights.
  2. Know your audience. You have to know your audience and the aesthetic language they speak, before you reach out to communicate with them. If you’re writing a tech blog, don’t write the way I write, and really but really don’t write the way I wrote my previous post Yes, you too are a storyteller, so write a blog! because no one will read your blog. I have a luxury to write the way I feel like writing, but that is one thing you should think about when writing your company’s blog. If you’re writing for women, add some color and senses, be personal, speak from personal experience, and your readers will love it, but, of course, don’t fail to deliver your message as well.
  3. Have something to say. A dear friend of mine told me a few days ago during our conversation about my blog, this blog: “Hey, the most important thing is to really have something to say.”. Thnx Dzej Dzej. That was a great advice, and that’s definitely something that I would recommend to all of you writing a blog. Either do a good research, think about it a bit, write something from your personal experience, or write something you have already mastered, but your readers must feel that you really own it, so they would believe it.
  4. Practice. Write often, write a lot, and publish only the best. Also, read every day. Go back to reading something you wrote a few months ago just to see if you still like it, and if, looking back from this moment in time, that is something you would publish today. Practice makes perfect!

Should you write long or short blog posts? Well the newest trends analyses say that blogging is back, and growing in popularity, and not just back, but longer blog posts, with 900 words on average, are the recommended standard for a blog post in 2016. Still, I wouldn’t bet on 900 words being the best choice for any audience. A friend of mine, a CEO and the founder of a really cool business that I will present in one of my following posts, when we spoke about blogs a few days ago  showed me the Seth’s Blog, authored by Seth Godin, the guy you must have heard of. It’s not just that he likes it, he loves it because the blog posts are short and informative, and that’s all he needs. Well, that is a very executive approach to reading(please anyone, don’t get offended) and communication that could be summed up in one word: consume. But this is a very valuable information for anyone who wants to write for executives: keep it short, fresh, simple and informative.

OK, it’s about time you go and do some proper writing. That’s definitely something that I will keep on doing! 😉



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